Bulk Container Group Successful Acquisition of UK Based Kale Europe Ltd

Bulk Container Group an innovator in the Global Container Trading market is pleased to announce the successful Acquisition of UK Based Kale Europe Ltd

Kale Europe Ltd is a boutique maritime consulting firm specializing in the areas of digital transformation and technology consulting across the rapidly evolving logistics supply market space. BCG’s CEO Mr. Ian Zaretzky clearly indicated that the acquisition was highly strategic in establishing a presence in the tightly controlled European market space. “Zaretzky stated that Kale Europe was selected for its domain experience, its visionary approach towards constructive disruptive technology solutions and the comprehensive range of consulting services we felt that the strong management team of Kale Europe coupled with their global connection base made a sound and logical financial decision. “Zaretzky also identified that the broad experience of the Kale team would bring another dimension and wider exposure to the container industry and a significant benefit for the future development of his company. “we are pleased to develop a UK / European base and utilize their team to fully exploit a more global position for our expanding organization.

Kale Europe's Managing Director – “Richard Butcher” clearly indicated that the open discussions with the Management team of Bulk Container Group were very positive from the outset as synergies and business strategies becoming clear and the direction of BCG clearly matched that of the future strategies of Kale Europe. “Butcher explained that his group was founded by industry experts well versed in the areas of Shipping, Logistics, Ports, Terminals and all aspects of Technology. Kale Europe looked to provide a combination of independent advisory services coupled with its ability and extensive network to source cutting technology that met customers expectations”. “Butcher also highlighted that kales longer term strategy would be to move into Product ownership with development of key applications such as their “TIM’s (Terminal Intermodal Mobility Solution) a next generation Mobility application aimed at the container terminal and intermodal trucking communities.

“Butcher clearly indicated that Kale`s strategy was always to align with a larger group to allow for natural growth – we found the Bulk Container Group to be a fast track organization with collective synergies their approach in introducing a cutting edge concept to the Global Container Trading sector was revolutionary in light of the tremendous pressure that all of the global leasing and container lines suffer when off hiring and disposing of their end of life container fleets – millions of dollars of high costs -the approach by BCG to introduce advanced sales demand forecasting by region and markets would allow the leasing and carrier groups to sell directly and save millions of dollars in storing and shifting unsold off hired aged equipment. “Butcher explained that he had been involved with a similar project back in the late 1980’s the issue of aged unsold containers was rife then – the technology was not fully available at that time and although trading was conducted the solutions that we devised could not be delivered – but fast forward 30 years the problem has become even greater but the ability for Technology to “On-line Trade “ is available – and we found that the technology and USP that the BCG Group could deliver plus their fast track success was all deciding factors in our decision”.

“Zaretzky and Butcher concluded that the administrative steps will be completed by the end of July and over the course of the next month Kale Europe and the team will become the base for Bulk Container Group Ltd (European expansion).

“Butcher will become our new European Managing Director and will also serve as our first senior appointee to our executive supervisory board – we believe that his skill’s, domain experience and global network will help us move the company into it next phase of development and he will provide guidance as we seek to raise our first round of Venture Capital Funds”. Mr Zaretzky expressed his welcome to Mr Butcher and his team of maritime consultants which will form a key component of the larger organization moving forward.

“Zaretzky has set some clear goals to achieve during the last half of 2019 as we break into new markets, form strategic alliances and further acquisitions to allow us to build on the solid foundations are core North American business has to date delivered – we feel certain that Butcher and his team will cement our growth and help us secure a great start to the European markets and beyond”

About Kale Europe Ltd

Kale Europe Ltd was established in 2018 by a highly skilled team of internationally recognised Maritime Consultants led by the Managing Director Mr. Richard Butcher. The objectives of kale were to address the major disruptive influences that have severely impacted the highly conservative Shipping, Maritime and Logistics sectors with the biggest focus on :-

Ø Digital Transformations

Ø Block Chain Impacts

Ø Business Re-Engineering – addressing who business needed to adept to face todays challenges.

Ø Next Generation Technology platforms

Kale Europe had a lean approach to their organizational structure however thru their extensive global network the ability to scale and source highly skilled experts in all aspects of the transportation sector provided it with a unique market position. Coupled to our Consulting practise Kale Europe have developed an extensive network of technology and engineering partnerships and this has allowed the company to promote next generation solutions to the maritime sectors. Being at the forefront of the market is where Kale Europe have focused.

About Bulk Container Group

Bulk Container Group was established in 2018 by Mr. Ian Zaretzky. Ian came from a strong executive background gained within Global Logistics groups, in this capacity Ian dealt with the ocean carriers and container leasing industries he identified significant gaps in the way these operators handle the disposal of their aging container fleets and this was the foundation for his vision to revolutionize the way in which containers are traded. It was clear that the introduction of a digital trading platform would help expedite the processing of essential data and he took the bold decision to step outside the security of his executive role within one of the world’s leading Logistics group and took the necessary steps to establish his vision. Bulk Container Group was founded and the business of mapping demand with supply was the key goal. Ian has during the last 18 months transformed his group forming a strong industry executive team, the business is thriving as they break the conventional boundaries and the large Leasing companies are starting to see the viability of the model.

Bulk Container Group are US based with registered offices in Wisconsin WI.

For more information :-

Bulk Container Group Europe will maintain their registered office at

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London EC1N 8LE.

UK Office :- +44 (0203) 4759 924

UK Fax :- +44 (020) 7183 3073

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Dated :- 29th July 2019

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