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Global trade continues to expand, the pressure on ports to become a more integrated component within the supply chain is paramount – examining internal processes and identifying areas which can be streamlined through the deployment of advanced collaborative technology platforms is the name of the game. We have access to the advanced CODEX platform and working on supporting applications to cover the gaps.These systems are being developed to help Ports achieve greater visibility and flexibility to integrate with the Ports Customers – Carriers, Cargo Agents, Transportation Providers, Inland Clearing Depots and the Customs bodies.  Helping Ports process multiple documents into one single common doc’ , providing more accurate data on cargo movements and being able to process and handle in-bound and out bound traffic to reduce congestion levels across their infrastructure. The BCG team was developed to embrace all these areas and has been proven to improve efficiencies by up to 20%. So the time to move towards a collaborative platform is right. For more information on the platform or to arrange a WebEx session please contact us


The Inland transport is where operators are  realizing that their greatest potential to generate and maintain a margin of profit relates to the way in which they handle and manage their inland transportation.  With inland cargo moves becoming more complex with multiple modes of transport from truck, rail, barge, air and feeder services being able to manage and tie in with the most optimal routing options is critical.  With every customers requirements varying from fast transit and high service requirements, to the mid and lower tier shippers where cost is more relevant than speed. Having the ability to plan and analysis optimal routing modes, selecting from internal or external transport modes –will all be critical. Having the ability for shippers / carriers to access visibility data or to receive pickup and  drop off notifications or alert messaging if a key transport milestone is not met are all part of the core functions within BCG advanced TMS and tracking system.  For a more detailed review on the product please contact us.


Across the Supply Chain assets are critical to the success of the business and companies need the ability to manage these more efficiently in order  to achieve higher levels of productivity  while obtaining maximum utilization.  More companies are  turning to Digital and automated Asset Management solutions to enable more cohesive visibility and utilization of both “fixed and variable” assets. BCG has developed drone EITS inventory tracking for large ports and depots around the world. Through our tech and hardware we can be a eye in the sky, double checking existing systems. 


Ports and Terminals bring unique challenges.  In the majority of cases, disparate software applications are deployed across the terminal to meet specific requirements.  With little or no integration between systems, the flow of data relies on the most error prone of all interfaces... a human interface.


Manual intervention and multiple points of data entry leads to inefficient processes and data errors that cost time and money.

BCG have clearly identified that many of today's Maritime and Logistics companies have developed significant technology across their business –and of course these have helped to improve certain elements of their business. What is created is vast amounts of data and this tends to lead to numerous reports being produced. BCG have seen that although significant technology is deployed their tends to be a serious lack of Systems Integration across these solutions and the level of “Lost Opportunities” is significant.  Integration is the Key and the ability to process the collective reports into a single data silo. BCG work with some leading Technology providers that look at the necessary API’s for data integration across multiple solutions, these are channeled using the latest development protocol’s and by using Artificial Intelligence and auto robotics data can be verified, many repetitive  processes can be fully automated and only essential data can be channeled to Management via configurable dashboards – allowing Management to focus on key decisions rather than over whelmed with mountains of excel sheets. For more information about Integration and MIS systems please contact us.



Ian is one of the most unique and creative leaders in the transportation and logistics industry. His ability to find innovative solutions to complex problems is second to none. A proven winner.

Luke Roy / Driven Solutions / CEO

Richard is a highly skilled ports professional. I worked on an IT project with him which was successfully implemented creating significant efficiency improvements and cost savings. He is very focused on understanding the customer requirements and then designing an implementation strategy to achieve the business needs

Iain Robertson / Independent Consultant on Port Operations at Riacom LTD


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